Your Volvo 242's A/C system is actually very sophisticated and will include various components that you have to look after and even replace. An essential element of of the air conditioning system would be the A/C Receiver Drier that deals with several major functions. An Volvo 242 A/C Receiver Drier is similar to a tubular can and works as a filtration device, moisture absorber, and keeps the liquid refrigerant temporarily before use.

These components are sometimes known as Volvo 242 filters-driers and even as receivers-dehydrators. The receiving function of this device is primarily for setting aside liquid refrigerant for periods of lower cooling functions. A material within this device called the desiccant serves as a drier which absorbs moisture within the airconditioning system. To always keep your Volvo 242 A/C mechanism dust free, your A/C receiver-drier has a filter that stops any debris that is streaming inside. Keep in mind that if you go to your mechanic to work with your Volvo 242's air conditioning system that it is advisable for you to replace your current A/C receiver drier in the process.

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