Your Toyota 's AC unit isn't going to work effectively unless your existing A/C receiver drier is in great shape. The main role purpose of the drier is to basically dry the refrigerant. You should quickly check the factory Toyota A/C receiver drier if you observe that the AC unit just isn't blowing sufficient cold air. A knowledgeable Do-It-Yourselfer like you won't have a problem changing the bad drier without any help.

Since the Toyota A/C receiver drier also removes dust and acidic moisture, the AC will deteriorate quickly if the broken drier isn't removed. When selecting a new receiver drier, search for something manufactured from hard-wearing raw materials, for instance, high-grade aluminum for longer service life. There are numerous kinds of air-conditioning receiver driers on the market, thus, be careful to pick something that fits your Toyota 's specifications. You really need a working replacement AC drier during hot months, so you have to carry out the replacement soon.

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