Your Suzuki 's AC isn't going to work properly unless the car A/C receiver drier is in tip-top condition. The main role purpose of this part is to effectively dry the automobile's refrigerant. You need to promptly examine the factory Suzuki A/C receiver drier once you feel that the air conditioning unit isn't providing sufficient cold air. A DIYer like yourself should not have any trouble changing the malfunctioning receiver drier alone.

Because the Suzuki A/C receiver drier also filters out dirt and corrosive moisture, the entire air-conditioner will give way rather quickly if the defective stock drier isn't removed. When choosing a new automotive receiver drier, look for something manufactured from highly durable raw materials like top-grade aluminum for much longer lifespan. There are many varieties of air-conditioning receiver driers out there, thus, be careful to opt for something which suits your Suzuki 's specifications. The drier replacement must be done at once since other parts of the A/C might give way'cause of unchecked absorption of pollutants.

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