Your Saab 's AC will not work effectively unless your existing car A/C receiver drier is in great shape. The primary role purpose of the drier is to basically dry the automobile's refrigerant. You need to immediately look into the existing Saab A/C receiver drier once you observe that the AC unit just isn't providing enough cool air. Changing your bad receiver drier is completely doable as long as you have done plenty of DIY projects.

Since the Saab A/C receiver drier also removes dust and corrosive moisture, your AC unit will fail quickly if the defective stock drier isn't extracted. When selecting a new, replacement receiver drier, go for something that's made of hard-wearing materials such as top-grade aluminum for an extended service life. There are several varieties of receiver driers out there, therefore, be careful to opt for something which suits your Saab 's specifications. The drier replacement must be done at once because many other components of the A/C could go haywire because of unchecked access of contaminants.

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