Your Porsche 's AC will not work effectively unless your existing automotive A/C receiver drier is in tip-top form. This hardware piece functions to dry the car refrigerant that comes from the condenser. You need to quickly check the stock Porsche A/C receiver drier when you feel that the air conditioner just isn't generating adequate cool air. A DIYer like you should not encounter any difficulty changing the bad drier alone.

Since the Porsche A/C receiver drier also filters out dirt and corrosive moisture, the entire air-conditioner will give way quickly if the broken receiver drier isn't extracted. In choosing a new drier, look for something that's made of durable materials such as top-grade aluminum for an extended service life. To be certain you're correctly setting up the replacement receiver drier, refer to your Porsche 's manual. You really need a functional replacement AC drier during hot months, thus you must perform the replacement process soon.

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