Your Lexus 's AC isn't going to work properly unless your, old A/C receiver drier is in tip-top condition. This hardware piece works to dry the refrigerant which streams from the condenser. Remember that there's a good probability something's not right with the Lexus A/C receiver drier when your AC can't produce sufficiently cool air. Replacing the defective receiver drier is totally doable alone provided you've done a lot of DIY projects.

Because the Lexus A/C receiver drier also filters out dirt debris and acidic moisture, your AC unit will give way rather quickly if the busted receiver drier isn't removed. Never purchase a replacement made of poor materials as it could fail sooner than expected and result in many extremely terrible experiences on the highway. To be certain you're correctly connecting your replacement part, review your Lexus 's guidebook. You'll definitely need an effective A/C receiver drier over the hot months, so you really must carry out the replacement process soon.

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