Been using your Chrysler car for years now and you suddenly notice your A/C doesn't produce air that's as cold as before? You may need to have the parts checked. When having your A/C system checked by a professional, make sure to also replace your Chrysler A/C receiver drier.

Your Chrysler A/C receiver drier will rarely malfunction on its own, but regular vehicle use exposes the receiver drier to dirt and debris. It is also possible that the bag that contains the material used to absorb moisture--also known as desiccant—bursts open, spilling the materials and clogging the receiver drier. Through time, the desiccant can also become ineffective because it can only absorb a certain amount of moisture. When this happens, make sure to replace it right away since moisture is your car A/C's number one enemy. If moisture mixes with the refrigerant, the resulting substance becomes corrosive.

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