Car A/C Receiver Driers

Moisture absorber, debris trapper, and storage container-the function of the A/C receiver drier in your vehicle revolves around these three. Mounted along the lines between the expansion valve and evaporator, the receiver drier allows the passage of liquid refrigerant through it and into the evaporator so that it can collect heat.

When you look at the receiver drier, you will see that it has a desiccant bag inside it, and this contains the desiccant that serves as moisture absorber. It absorbs the moisture present in the refrigerant that's passing through, preventing that moisture from causing chaos and from damaging A/C parts like the compressor. Aside from desiccant, a/c receiver driers also contain a filter that traps all the dirt and debris flowing with the refrigerant. These driers also store excess refrigerant when not in use. If you have a receiver drier in your A/C system, you'll see a sight glass that is used for charging it and for checking the condition of the refrigerant (exemption: systems using R134a refrigerant).

The efficiency of the A/C receiver drier greatly depends on the efficiency of the desiccant that is placed in it. You have to know that this desiccant is not a lifetime material. There will come a time when it will already lose its moisture-absorbing capacity, at which instance you'll have to replace it to protect your vehicle's A/C system. It is also recommended that the desiccant and the receiver drier be replaced every time the system is opened for any particular A/C job. And when getting a new desiccant, it's vital that you select one that is compatible with the type of refrigerant used in you're A/C. In fact, if you're doing an A/C retrofitting in your car, you may have to get a new drier with a different refrigerant to ensure a good match.

Although they're usually reliable, A/C receiver driers can also succumb to failure in the form of blockage caused by debris. In other instances, contamination may happen in the system. Both of these cases require the replacement of the said components. Otherwise, they can lead to further problems that will not only mean less cabin cooling but could also translate to more damage among the involved A/C parts.

That said, it's very important to pay attention to any indication of damage in any component of your A/C. If you notice a problem on your A/C receiver drier, don't hesitate to get a replacement. You can rely on Parts Train for that. We have a complete parts selection, competitive prices, and an easy-to-navigate catalog that will guarantee your shopping enjoyment. You can shop with just a few clicks of your mouse, and shipping of your order is also as fast.