Car A/C Desiccant Bags

The A/C system is just like the human body, its blood being the refrigerant. It is constantly attacked by antigens or damaging elements, in the A/C's case moisture. If the system does not have the needed protection, it will easily fail. The A/C parts will get corroded and you'll have to deal with serious ventilation problems in your car. It's a good thing you have an antibody in your system, a considerable amount of desiccant packed inside an A/C desiccant bag. With desiccant present in your A/C assembly, it combats moisture and the latter will have no way of causing damage.

Desiccant is simply a material that eliminates moisture inside the A/C assembly through either of two processes. The first process, absorption, draws moisture towards the desiccant, spreading that moisture throughout the AC desiccant bag. The second process, adsorption, does the same thing, only it draws moisture toward the surface of the desiccant material until it forms a film over each desiccant granule. With either of these two processes, you won't have to worry about moisture doing damage in your system-your A/C has an instant antibody in the form of the desiccant!

But, how do you choose the right desiccant and AC desiccant bags? Well, remember that the desiccant has a particular temperature threshold, reaching of which renders the desiccant incapable of further moisture absorption. So, you need to choose one with high temperature threshold. Your choices could be bentonite desiccant (120 degrees Fahrenheit), silica (220 degrees Fahrenheit), or the most efficient, calcium sulfate (425 degrees Fahrenheit). For the desiccant bag, the important things are the materials and designs. Choose those made from high-quality materials (such as polyester felt) and those with a design that allows for easy installation and firm placement despite vibrations.

A high-quality desiccant packed inside a durable desiccant bag can go a long way in keeping your car's air conditioning system healthy. And to maintain that, regularly check the A/C parts (yes, even the simplest ones like the car AC control knob) and pay attention to indications of possible problems in your A/C assembly. Also, remember to replace the desiccant at the correct interval-failure to do so could mean the presence of unabsorbed moisture getting around different A/C parts and causing damage.

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