Volkswagen is one of the most recognized auto brands in the automotive industry, attributing its prominence largely on the legendary Beetle model. Over 21 million VW Beetles have been produced since its debut in 1938, qualifying it as one of Volk's best-selling cars and probably, one the world's most popular car. Truly, a "people's car," Volkswagen Beetle has found its way to the heart of every car enthusiast and even common auto user. With its unique styling, smooth handling and excellent performance, it has endured the competition in the industry for more than 60 years.

In 1998, a new Volkswagen model used the Beetle's name, designating it as the New Beetle. All other Volkswagen cars, though not as famous as the Beetle, enjoyed great reception from auto users as well. Such were the cars Volkswagen Golf, the highest-selling Volkswagen model as of 2003; Volkswagen Passat, the best-selling German mid-size sedan in the US; and the popular sedan version of the Golf, the Volkswagen Jetta. Volkswagen models' diverse style and performance appeal to a great number of people, making it one of the most respectable names in the world of autos.

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Wondering how your Volkswagen a/c system works? Like all other a/c systems, it comes with a compressor, condenser and an evaporator. These major a/c components work closely together in order to provide the passengers a more comfortable ride. The task of the a/c system is not actually to give cold air to the occupants but it only removes the heat from the warm cabin air; thus, making it more comfortable for the passengers. A refrigerant gas called the Refrigerant-12 (others call it Freon, a trade name), circulates around the evaporator, compressor and the condenser. From the evaporator where it absorbed the heat from the warm air, it goes to the compressor and to the condenser where it is turned into high-pressure liquid. It passes through the expansion valve towards the evaporator where it again takes the heat out of the warm cabin air.