As time passes, the condition of your Suzuki a/c condenser may begin to deteriorate. If this occurs, you might notice that you're not getting the same performance you're used to from your air conditioning system. All the sudden, you can't get the inside of your vehicle cooled off no matter how high you blast the air. It might just be time to replace your a/c condenser. Not many people understand what the a/c condenser does and no one seems to worry about it until something happens. A humid August day is a pretty rotten time to have to replace your a/c condenser. Checking it ahead of time could save you from getting caught without your air conditioner. Look under the hood and near the radiator and you will most likely spot your a/c condenser. Check it for leaks and other signs of damage frequently. Replace the a/c condenser as soon as you notice a problem and you'll never be stuck in the heat.