Typically known as the central part of the car air-con system, the Saturn Relay-2 A/C condenser fulfills a vital purpose. This A/C condenser, built for Saturn Relay-2, is a belt-powered pump which is connected to the motor. Refrigerant compression and transmission is its purpose. The air-con system is divided into the high and low pressure sides.

The Saturn Relay-2 A/C condensers should be checked when the heat range they provide is greater than standard temperatures. Like the radiator, the A/C condenser works doubly hard to keep the refrigerant cool; that said, periodic upkeep is recommended should you desire to lenghten its lifespan. The whole AC system will be in peril in the event that the A/C condenser malfunctions. It is advised that you buy Saturn Relay-2 replacement A/C condensers for these are made with accuracy; for AC systems, this must be the industry standard.

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