Because of your car's air-con, the cabin is appropriately ventilated with cooler air coming from the vents—however, a worn Saturn Ls2 A/C condenser can take away your riding comfort. Whenever the vents no longer circulate chilled air in the cabin, it is a pretty good sign that the Saturn Ls2 A/C condenser is damaged. You will then realize the inconvenience of having a flawed air-con.

The A/C condenser of your Saturn Ls2 is similar to a radiator since the condenser disperses heat from the refrigerant, transforming the heated gas into a high-pressure liquid. There must be enough flow of air under the hood, regardless if it's coming from the cooling system fan or the grill to ensure that the Saturn Ls2 A/C condenser could successfully cool down the hot gas. The A/C condenser might wear out over the years, specially if it is plugged with dirt and has greater exposure to many other unwanted elements. Buy a high-grade replacement for the busted condenser to be sure that it could last for a long while, which means the air-conditioner will perform without a problem.

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