Commonly known as the heart of the car air-con system, the Saturn Ion A/C condenser fulfills a vital part. This A/C condenser, constructed for Saturn Ion, is a belt-powered pump which is connected to the engine. It is designed to compress and transmit refrigerant gas. The car's AC system is divided into the high pressure side and low pressure side.

Whenever abnormal temperatures arise, the Saturn Ion A/C condensers should be scrutinized . Just like the radiator, the A/C condenser works two times as hard to maintain the right refrigerant temperatures; that said, routine upkeep is best when you wish to lenghten its lifespan. As soon as the A/C condenser is damaged, it puts the entire A/C system at risk. You will have the best deal if you go for Saturn Ion replacement A/C condensers mainly because they surpass OE specs.

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