People first— for fifteen years this principle has guided Saturn, an automobile manufacturing company of General Motors, towards success. No doubt about it, Saturn is among the highest car brands in the US to have the greatest customer satisfaction with the dealer service. It has also gained high praises in the auto industry for their environment-friendly manufacturing processes and innovative car parts. Saturn cars are designed with precision; they are made with the individual driving it in mind. This has made a personal connection between Saturn cars and its owners, making it unique among all other car makes in the industry. Also with this manufacturing principle, it has produced economical, safe, convenient and versatile cars that catered to many car owners' needs and wants.

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The condenser is one of the most important parts in your a/c system. Just like the radiator of your vehicle's cooling system, it is where heat dissipation occurs. The refrigerant gas that absorbed the heat from the warm cabin air is compressed in the compressor and is cooled off in this a/c component. It is also called as the liquefier because as it removes heat from the refrigerant. It converts the gas into high pressure liquid before it goes to the evaporator where it cools the warm air coming from the car's interior.

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