Because of your car's air-conditioning unit, the passenger compartment is effectively cooled with cooler air discharged from the vents—sorry to say, a damaged Porsche 924 A/C condenser might strip you of your convenience. When the vents do not stream refreshing air inside the motor vehicle, this is a pretty good symptom that the Porsche 924 A/C condenser is shot. You may then realize the inconvenience of having a shabby air-conditioner.

In so many ways, the A/C condenser of your Porsche 924 is like a radiator since this A/C component's role includes taking away heat from the high-temp gas that comes in contact with it. There has to be enough supply of air in the engine, whether this is from the engine fan or the grill so that the Porsche 924 A/C condenser can efficiently take heat off the refrigerant. Similar to other auto items, the A/C condenser may go bust after a while; its shelf life will be greatly lowered in case this is subjected to harmful properties and extreme heat. Fix the ailing air-conditioning unit of your Porsche 924 with help from a high grade stock replacement that guarantees better service life.

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