How important is the Porsche a/c condenser in your vehicle? The answer depends on how heavily you rely on your air conditioner. If keeping the air flowing from your air conditioning system cool is a priority to you, than your a/c condenser is extremely important. The a/c condenser takes in hot, Freon gas. The Freon gas is then cooled by the a/c condenser and transformed into a liquid form. The liquid Freon leaves the a/c condenser and is distributed to other parts of the air conditioning system where it is then turned back into gas. Now the gas is cold and can be sent back through the vents to cool you off. The process is constant and without a functioning a/c condenser, the process is impossible. Now that you know how important your a/c condenser is, you can decide if it's time to maintenance it. Regularly check your air conditioner and it will always be ready to cool you off on a hot day.