There are several likely reasons why the air-conditioner isn't functioning effectively and one of these is a bad Pontiac Parisienne AC Condenser in the car. You ought to perform the replacement right away or riding your Pontiac Parisienne car will definitely be an uncomfortable experience due to having less cool cabin air. Refer to your automotive's instruction manual to find out the specs of the required aftermarket condenser for your car.

As its name indicates, your Pontiac Parisienne AC Condenser actively turns the refrigerant into liquid when it reduces its temperature. If you find leaking oil on your factory-installed condenser, that indicates the Pontiac Parisienne condenser is malfunctioning and it ought to be changed quickly. There are several reasons for condenser failure and definitely one of these is a buildup of pollutants on the part. Never delay the replacement'cause more parts in the AC may soon malfunction due to incorrect refrigerant processing.

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