You will take pleasure in cool air when cruising during summertime or perhaps even roll up the windows and love the convenience of your cabin free from the bustling highway jam or air pollution because of your motor vehicle's air-conditioning unit—but once the A/C condenser of your Pontiac G5 finally breaks down, you may lose your driving pleasure. Once the vents do not distribute cooler air in the cabin, it is a sure indication that the Pontiac G5 A/C condenser is shot. You might eventually become aware of the inconvenience of having a flawed air-conditioner.

The A/C condenser of your Pontiac G5 is like a radiator because it drives away heat from the refrigerant, converting the heated gas into a cooler liquid. There has to be adequate airflow in the automotive engine, regardless if it's from the engine cooling fan or the grill so that the Pontiac G5 A/C condenser would properly take heat off the refrigerant. Like other auto units, the A/C condenser is bound to get damaged in the future; the condenser's expected life span could be considerably lowered if it's exposed to harmful properties and extreme temperatures. Restore the unreliable air-con of your Pontiac G5 by using a high grade stock replacement that ensures better shelf life.

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