Great driving power, smooth handling, versatility and style define a Pontiac vehicle. This mid-level auto brand from General Motors, is specially designed for those who like sporty, aggressive and youthful driving. Without a doubt, Pontiac has proven itself to be successful in realizing this aim with its impressive line of vehicles that include the Pontiac Fiero, Pontiac GTO, Pontiac Grand Prix, Pontiac Bonneville, Pontiac Firebird and Pontiac Sunfire. Pontiac has redefined sporty driving, integrating great styling and high level of comfort and safety into the whole definition. For this reason, every Pontiac vehicle never failed to capture the heart of every car enthusiast.

Are you a proud Pontiac owner? Then you would probably agree that there's no better way to treat your favorite Pontiac car and of course, yourself than getting superior quality replacement auto parts for your Pontiac's original parts. Like you we at Parts train know that a top-performing vehicle like Pontiac deserves nothing less than high-standard parts so we provide you here in our convenient site greatest choices of durable and reliable Pontiac replacement parts that range from exterior parts, auto accessories, body parts, engine parts, interior parts, and tune-up parts and a/c system parts.

We have in particular the a/c condenser, which is perfect-fit and manufactured like your original Pontiac a/c condenser. If you have a defective condenser, consider installing a new one to ensure proper functioning of your car's ac system. Most auto experts prefer replacement of the a/c condenser rather than flushing it. Moreover, the a/c system like the engine, the transmission and the differentials are difficult to rebuild because they require special tools and machines. The Freon gas, which is used as a refrigerant in the air conditioning is also dangerous when released to the environment and it can freeze just anything it contacts.

You may think that the a/c adds "cold" air into your car. Actually, it doesn't but only removes the heat that makes the air uncomfortable. The so called Freon gas, a low-pressure refrigerant is drawn by the compressor from the outlet of the evaporator or from the accumulator. It is compressed according to speed and air temperature and is transferred to the condenser where it gives off heat. The condenser is your ac system's liquefier, converting the refrigerant gas into high pressure liquid by cooling it off. After the refrigerant has been turned into liquid, it goes to the evaporator where it absorbs the heat from the warm cabin air and goes back to the compressor while the fan blows the cool air back into the car.