There are various reasons why your AC is not working effectively and one of them is a malfunctioning Nissan Versa AC Condenser. Simply cleaning the aged Nissan Versa part wouldn't solve the issue, thus, it's best to replace the unit with a brand-new one. Review your vehicle's guidebook to learn the specifications of the correct replacement unit for your automobile.

Without a well-functioning and reliable Nissan Versa AC Condenser, the extremely hot gaseous refrigerant processed by the compressor can't cool down. If you see an oil leak anywhere on your factory-installed condenser, that means your Nissan Versa condenser is malfunctioning and it should be replaced right away. There are many reasons for condenser breakdown and certainly one is an accumulation of pollutants on the part. Never hold off replacing the unit because other parts of your AC could soon fail'cause of inappropriate refrigerant movement.

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