Nissan vehicles are known for their impressive agility, excellent performance, elegant styling and outstanding reliability. With these remarkable qualities, Nissan has placed itself at the top of the list of cars, SUVs, minivans and trucks. But Nissan isn't all about performance. After all it, it was not engineered only as a mere conveyance but it was made to provide you with great riding comfort. It doesn't only bring you to where you ought to be but it brings you there comfortably and conveniently. That's why Nissan has equipped all its vehicles with top of the line auto parts and accessories, designed to give you optimum driving satisfaction.

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We have A/C condensers that will perfectly match or even exceed your original Nissan car condenser. Complete your Nissan's air conditioning system with superior quality condenser designed for excellent heat-transfer performance. Having superior quality replacement parts on your Nissan car like Parts Train's Nissan a/c condensers would help you save from future repair expenses. Plus the fact that you won't have to sacrifice your comfort and convenience, especially during long drives. Furthermore, having high standard a/c condenser replacement on your Nissan won't adversely affect your car's resale value and thus, you always get the most out of what you invested.

The condenser is somewhat like the radiator, which function is also to dissipate heat; however, it dispels heat coming from the engine. It is a long tube that coils back and forth through some cooling fins. When the compressed gas enters the condenser, it becomes so hot, even hotter than the refrigerants. As it removes heat from the compressed gas, it converts it to high-pressure liquid and sends it to the evaporator through the expansion valve. With the condenser's important function, it cannot be left unnoticed when it's damaged or malfunctioning. The entire a/c system works with each of its parts and components doing its own task, thus, it is a must that you replace your Nissan's damaged condenser as soon as possible.