Thanks to your vehicle's A/C, the passenger compartment is efficiently ventilated with refreshing air coming out of the vents—sorry to say, a busted Mitsubishi Lancer A/C condenser will adversely affect your driving pleasure. The Mitsubishi Lancer A/C condenser might be defective in case the blowers no longer circulate chiller air anymore. You might soon feel the hassle of having to deal with a flawed air-conditioner.

The A/C condenser of your Mitsubishi Lancer is similar to a radiator, as it takes away heat from the refrigerant, turning the high-temp gas into a high-pressure liquid. There has to be sufficient air flow in the engine bay, be it provided by the cooling system fan or the grille assembly to Mitsubishi Lancer sure that the Mitsubishi Lancer A/C condenser can easily cool down the hot gas. The A/C condenser may break eventually, especially if it's plugged with grime and left vulnerable to several harmful substances. Use a high-quality replacement for the busted condenser to Mitsubishi Lancer sure the new component may stay in good condition longer, which means the air-conditioner would perform with less trouble.

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