Ice cold air conditioning in your vehicle on a hot day is one of the greatest luxuries in the modern world. Driving without air conditioning makes a driver more prone to feelings of frustration and irritability. Irritable, anxious drivers are more susceptible to road rage and erratic driving and that is dangerous to everyone on the road. Just like every part of your vehicle, your air conditioning unit should be checked regularly and components must be replaced when necessary to keep it running at its best. One part of your air conditioning system that may need to be replaced eventually is your Mercury a/c condenser. The a/c condenser is usually found right next to the radiator, under the hood. It is responsible for compressing the hot Freon gas and converting it into cool liquid and then sending it to other parts of the air conditioner. Replace your a/c condenser if it is not functioning as it should and you'll keep your cabin cool, as well as your head while on the road.