Owing to your automobile's air-conditioner, the passenger compartment is appropriately ventilated with refreshing air coming from the vents—however, a ruined Lincoln Mark Vi A/C condenser would adversely affect your driving pleasure. The Lincoln Mark Vi A/C condenser might be damaged if the vents no longer distribute cooler air anymore. You may then see the discomfort of dealing with a tatty air-con.

In so many ways, the A/C condenser of your Lincoln Mark Vi is like a radiator since the condenser's responsibility includes dispeling heat off the hot gas that passes through the condenser. There should be enough flow of air inside the hood, be it coming from the cooling system fan or the grille assembly to ensure that the Lincoln Mark Vi A/C condenser would easily take heat off the hot gas. The A/C condenser may go bust over the years, most especially when this is plugged with gunk and exposed to other unwanted elements. Use a reliable replacement for the busted condenser to ensure that it can remain intact for a long time, so the air-con will perform with less trouble.

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