Thanks to your car's air-conditioner, the interior is properly ventilated with colder air blowing out of the vents—however, a broken Lexus Rx400h A/C condenser could strip you of your riding pleasure. In case the vents won't stream chilled air in the passenger compartment, it's a pretty good sign that the Lexus Rx400h A/C condenser is broken. Suddenly, the discomfort of having a busted air-conditioner will be impossible to disregard.

In lots of ways, the A/C condenser of your Lexus Rx400h is comparable to a radiator because its task consists of dissipating heat directly from the hot gas that comes in contact with it. For the Lexus Rx400h A/C condenser to perform at its best, this A/C component requires sufficient air flow under the hood. Just like other car devices, the A/C condenser is bound to wear out over time; the condenser's shelf life will be greatly diminished if it is subjected to harsh properties and extreme temperatures. Repair the unreliable air-conditioning unit of your Lexus Rx400h with help from a high grade stock replacement that ensures a longer service life.

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