The A/C condenser of your Lexus Ls430 is actually the heart of your vehicle's air-conditioner—in case the blowers fail to dish out cooler air any more, most likely, this A/C component is flawed. The Lexus Ls430 A/C condenser runs just like the cooling system radiator, in a way the condenser also drives away excess heat coming from the A/C cooling fluid to distribute cold air around the cab. Utmost air flow helps the air-conditioner condenser quicken the A/C method, preventing too much stress on A/C parts.

The refrigerant soaks up heat in the cab and then goes in the A/C condenser of your Lexus Ls430 that disperses excess heat as well as transforms the gas into liquid before proceeding directly into the A/C expansive and flowing into the passenger compartment. Over time, the A/C condenser of your Lexus Ls430 may come apart in case harmful substances gather and ruin it. In case the A/C condenser is ruined, install a reliable OE replacement for your Lexus Ls430.

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