Your Lexus a/c condenser must be functioning properly for your air conditioning system to work. The a/c condenser is one of the main components of your air conditioner. Freon absorbs the heat from your vehicle and it is then passed through the condenser. While in the a/c condenser, the hot air is chilled and condensed into a liquid. This cold liquid is then sent to other parts of your air conditioner and is turned back into gas. The Freon gas is no cool and flows through the vents of your vehicle, cooling off the inside. The process is repeated and the cab of the vehicle cools. If you turn on the air conditioner and do not feel cool air coming through your vents after a few minutes, then it may be time to replace you a/c condenser. You will most likely find your a/c condenser next to the radiator, under the hood of your vehicle.