The hottest day of the year is upon you and as you race from your workplace to your vehicle in your now drenched dress shirt and tie, you can't wait to get in and blast the a/c. Relief cannot come fast enough as you turn your air conditioner on high and wait for the air to cool. It's been a couple of minutes and the air doesn't seem to be cooling off at all. At first you hold on to the hope that maybe it's so hot that it might take a little bit before the a/c kicks in. Then slowly, it dawns on you that, no, this isn't your imagination, the air isn't going to get cooler and there is no relief in sight. Not the way you wanted to find out that you needed to replace your Land Rover a/c condenser, is it? As soon as you feel like the air conditioning in your vehicle isn't working like it should, get your air conditioning system looked at and see if it's time to have your a/c condenser replaced.