The main purpose of the air conditioning system in your Kia Sorento ride is to move heat. Heat is absorbed in the system and dump off outside. If you want to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing ride, you need to make sure that your air conditioning system is in top shape at all times. Several components make up the system. All of them have their own function to perform in keeping the efficient service of the AC. Among the vital components of the AC system is the AC condenser. As the component responsible in converting vapor refrigerant to liquid, it needs to be kept in good shape at all times. A good set of A/C condenser in your Kia Sorento ride will ensure that you get stay cool and comfortable in your car.

Your Kia Sorento A/C condenser is the heat exchanger located in front of the engine radiator. This is where the heat is removed in the refrigerant. Conduction and convection is used to decrease heat. In conduction, two or more substances are in contact with each other that work in transferring heat from one to the other. The coolant is in contact with the tubes of the condenser and the tubes are in contact with the fins. In convection, air passing over the condenser takes in heat from the fins. The cooled coolant is then converted from vapor to liquid.

Kia Sorento A/C condenser is crafted from heavy duty and top grade materials to ensure that it withstands any operating condition. Cutting edge technology and precision engineering has been incorporated in the condenser construction to ensure that it don't fail prematurely. With proper inspection and maintenance, prolonging the service life of the part is conveniently possible. Time and mileage though will eventually render the part worn out. Before your AC condenser completely fails, it is vital that you secure replacement right away. Prolonging the use of a defective AC condenser is poor economy that can only increase your repair or replacement cost in the long run.

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