There are various likely reasons why your AC isn't functioning effectively and one of these is a bad Jeep Compass AC Condenser component. Cleaning the aged Jeep Compass component wouldn't solve the problem, therefore, it's best to change the unit with a new condenser. Never worry as you could do the replacement process without any help as long as you've got adequate DIY knowhow.

Without a well-functioning Jeep Compass AC Condenser unit, the hot gas refrigerant from the auto compressor can't condense. Like all other components of your Jeep Compass vehicle, your condenser develops many complications as time passes until it can no longer function. Condensers could get severely clogged, creating different AC complications which will have you sweating buckets on the road. Good thing there's plenty of aftermarket condensers available which you can use to restore your vehicle back in excellent shape.

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