Jeeps are not only known for their adaptability, practicality and hard-to-beat on-road and off-road capabilities but for the extreme level of comfort they can provide to their users as well. Adventure with your Jeep vehicle is never complete without Jeep's comfort and convenience parts. Just as important as any other parts and accessories in your Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Wrangler or Jeep Liberty is the a/c system that makes your ride always conducive for long drives especially during the hottest times of the year. Whether you're traversing the rocky and mountainous roads or wheeling through the highway under the heat of the sun, Jeep's a/c system makes you feel like you're in your own room—cool and comfortable.
The A/C system is an important part in every car, although unlike the power train and drive train components, your Jeep can still transport you to your destination without it. In colder months you may not feel how important it is but come summer, you'd probably be thanking air conditioners were ever invented. You would be even more thankful for the advancements in technology that paved way to a more convenient and comfortable driving through the advance air conditioning systems available like that of Jeep Grand Cherokee's A/C with dual zone climate control. This feature adjusts the temperature to your liking and its controls are conveniently mounted in the steering wheel, putting your great comfort and driving satisfaction literally at your fingertips. It makes use of infrared sensing technology that measures the temperature of the front occupants and the air temperature. It also increases air flow in the cabin, adding comfort to all its passengers.

One of the major components of an auto's A/C system is the condenser. It is where heat dissipation occurs. From the evaporator and the compressor, refrigerant gas goes to the A/C condenser to be cooled off through the engine's cooling fan or electric cooling fans. Here it is changed into high pressure liquid before it is sent to the evaporator where it absorbs the heat from the warm cabin air. The same fan that blew the warm air into the evaporator blows the cool air back into the cabin while the refrigerant goes back to the compressor and the cycle goes on.

If your Jeeps' A/C system is not functioning due to a damaged condenser, don't wait till the entire system totally breaks down. Replace your old A/C and drive your Jeep like it's new. Here at Parts Train, we are pleased to provide you with great choices of replacement auto parts. Our comprehensive inventory includes the most reliable auto parts for your Jeep vehicle, including A/C condensers. Check out our convenient site and locate the best A/C condenser for your Jeep.