What makes an automobile ride so comfortable is that part of the climate control system that blows cool air called air conditioning unit. Since not all vehicles come equipped with air conditioning units as a standard feature, you can add one to your vehicle if it did not come so equipped when you bought it. Some of the components that comprise a complete air conditioning system are the compressor, hoses, vents, controller and the condenser. To ensure that the air conditioning unit remains in perfect working condition, its components must be working properly as well.

The AC condenser like the Jaguar AC condenser is a long tube that goes back and forth through a large amount of cooling fins, and is a bit similar to the evaporator in appearance. You can find the AC condenser just in front of the radiator to maximize the use of forced air that is supplied by the fan and the car's motion. But you might wonder how the condenser works. Well, here is how - when the vapor (extremely pressurized refrigerant) passes through the condenser, heat is produced, and at the same time warms up the condenser, resulting to the condenser's hotter temperature as compared to the forced air that passes through it. Then, the condenser directs the produced heat to the forced air and turns the refrigerant back into cool liquid in the expansion valve, where it finally returns to the evaporator to come up with cool air to blow from the vent.

The condenser is an integral part of the climate control system particularly the air conditioning unit. Without a functioning A/C condenser, expect to feel very uncomfortable on your long trips especially under the heat of the sun as you cannot use your car's air conditioning system. Also, during heavy rains, you have no other choice but to close the window which in turn produces moist on your car's windshield and makes it hard for you to drive because you cannot clearly see through the windshield without wiping the moisture off first. You see, air conditioning units are very important in driving. So if the AC condenser fails, replacing it as soon as possible is necessary.

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