There's a good reason to suspect that the A/C condenser of your Honda Fit is worn out once there is no chilled air being dispensed from the A/C vents. The Honda Fit A/C condenser operates the same as the radiator, since the condenser also drives away unwanted heat from the refrigerant to circulate cold air all around the cab. For the condenser to give you the best results, it also relies on high air circulation to help with the A/C process.

The refrigerant absorbs unwanted heat in the vehicle interior and after that enters the A/C condenser of your Honda Fit, which disperses unwanted heat as well as changes the gas into liquid substance just before proceeding straight into the A/C system expansive valve and going around into the passenger compartment. After cruising for many miles, the A/C condenser of your Honda Fit, like other car parts, would come apart due to frequent usage along with exposure to harsh substances. The A/C condenser of your Honda Fit works double-time to keep the cab properly ventilated—be sure to purchase a tough OE replacement for your Honda Fit if this unit gives in to deterioration.

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