Because of your automobile's A/C, the interior is effectively cooled down with colder air distributed by the vents—sorry to say, a ruined Honda Civic Del Sol A/C condenser may take away your riding comfort. The Honda Civic Del Sol A/C condenser can be ruined if the A/C blowers do not distribute chiller air no more. You'll soon see the discomfort of putting up with a tatty air-con.

The A/C condenser of your Honda Civic Del Sol works like a radiator since the part drives away heat off the refrigerant, transforming the hot gas into a much-cooler liquid. There has to be good supply of air in the automotive engine, be it provided by the engine fan or the grill so that the Honda Civic Del Sol A/C condenser would properly disperse heat from the A/C refrigerant. Just like other vehicle parts, the A/C condenser is bound to get damaged eventually; this part's expected life span may be greatly lowered in case it is exposed to damaging properties and extreme heat. Get a high-grade OE replacement for the broken condenser to Honda Civic Del Sol sure the new part would stay in good condition longer, which means the air-con will function with less trouble.

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