How much does your car mean to you? Your answer to that would determine how well you treat your car and maintain it so that it would serve you longer. Cars today are more than just ordinary means of transportation. A car or any other vehicle has now become a statement of one's passion, of one's interests and even achievement. For someone who sees his vehicle more than just a four-wheel object that drives him from one place to another, he expectedly takes care of it and makes sure everything is at its perfect condition, from the exterior to the interior and down under the hood. Nevertheless, it is a must that you regularly check your car to ensure proper functioning of parts and components and ultimately, your safety and driving satisfaction.

One of the most important systems of your car is the air conditioning. Although unlike the power train, drive train and charging system, your car can still perfectly function without it, it affords high level of comfort especially during the hottest months of the year. Driving all day under the scorching heat of the sun is not a problem if your vehicle is equipped with air conditioning that does its work right. Major components of the A/C system include the compressor, the a/c condenser, the evaporator and the expansion valve. All these have important roles to perform and the absence of one makes the whole system futile. It is therefore necessary that all these parts are in good condition so you can have a comfortable and worry-free ride.

The A/C condenser is the part where heat dissipation occurs. It performs a very important function of cooling off the compressed gas and converting it to high-pressure liquid. In the condenser, the liquid is still warm; however, it is not as hot as it was in the compressor where the refrigerant gas is compressed. An electric cooling fan or the engine's cooling fan supplements the airflow in the condenser in order to cool off the refrigerant that absorbed the heat from the warm air coming from the car's cabin.

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