Is you A/C unit starting to malfunction? Why don't you check every component of your AC system? It may be your Geo A/C condenser which causes the problem. Your Geo A/C condenser is one of the components of your air conditioning system, needed to keep the whole AC system in good condition. It works like your car's radiator and it when it fails, it would surely cause trouble in the vehicle.

While your car's radiator keeps water circulating through the engine of your car to cool it down, it is your Geo A/C condenser which keeps the refrigerant flowing through your AC system. Technically speaking, your Geo A/C condenser dissipates the heat from the refrigerant transmitted to it by the AC compressor. It cools the refrigerant, which is actually Freon gas, and turns it into a liquid form.

Now, if you still feel warm inside the vehicle even if you know that your air conditioner is in its full capacity, it may be time for a new Geo A/C condenser. Aging or harmful elements that gets into your Geo A/C condenser are major factors of its damage. But no need to fret! You can always have it replaced. Replacing a bad Geo A/C condenser is what you should do if you still want to have a cool ride even during hot summer months.

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