The A/C condenser of your Ford Ranger is the core of your vehicle's A/C assembly—if the vents fail to dispense cooler air any more, chances are, it is flawed. The Ford Ranger A/C condenser operates much like the radiator, as the condenser also dissipates excess heat in the refrigerant to distribute cold air all over the car interior. For the condenser to present great effects, it relies on abundant airflow to help with the air conditioning process.

The A/C cooling fluid takes away unwanted heat inside the passenger compartment and later enters the A/C condenser of your Ford Ranger, which in turn takes away heat and changes the gas into liquid just before heading directly into the expansive valve and flowing into the cabin. After driving for many miles, the A/C condenser of your Ford Ranger, like other auto components, will break due to constant punishment along with exposure to unwanted elements. The A/C condenser of your Ford Ranger works double-time to keep the cab cool—might as well choose a tough stock replacement for your Ford Ranger if it succumbs to wear and tear.

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