Typically referred as the heart of the air-con system, the Ford Escape A/C condenser plays a crucial function. This A/C condenser, made for Ford Escape, is a belt-driven pump which is fastened to the motor. Compressing and transferring refrigerant is its purpose. The A/C system is made up of the low pressure side and high pressure side.

You ought to check the Ford Escape A/C condensers if you think the temperature goes beyond the ideal limit. As with the radiator, the A/C condenser drives itself to the limit to maintain the right refrigerant temperatures; that explains why periodic upkeep is a must if you want to extend its service life. Malfunction of the A/C condenser puts the A/C system in harm's way. You don't lose if you invest in Ford Escape replacement A/C condensers for they exceed OE specifications.

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