Has your A/C condenser failed again? Replace it now or risk suffering great discomfort while driving your car especially on an extremely hot summer day. The condenser is the part of your car that dissipates the heat coming from the cabin. It looks like the radiator and performs almost similar function. The radiator, however, disperses heat from the engine. It is the one that cools off the anti-freeze or coolant mixture that absorbed the heat coming from the engine.
The A/C system works almost the same way as the vehicle's cooling system. At the heart of the A/C system is the compressor. It is where the refrigerant gas is compressed before it is sent to the condenser. In the condenser, the refrigerant gas is cooled and turned into high-pressure liquid. The condenser must have good airflow in order to cool off the refrigerant more efficiently. Good airflow is provided by the engine's cooling fan (on rear wheel drives) or by electric cooling fans (on front wheel drives). The high-pressure liquid goes through the expansion valve, which lowers its pressure before it is sent to the evaporator. The warm air is blown by a fan into the evaporator and as it passes through the evaporator fins, the refrigerant starts to boil, absorbing the heat from the warm air.

Like all other parts of your car, namely the engine, drive train, electrical system, fuel system and others, the A/C system plays an important role in making your ride more comfortable and enjoyable. Replace your old and damaged A/C condenser now and feel the comfort of driving an all-new car. If spending a little more for a new A/C condenser in place of your damaged A/C component means guaranteed better driving satisfaction, why think twice? Experts suggest regular replacement of the condenser rather than flushing it. Like the power train components, the A/C system is difficult to rebuild because it requires the use of specialized tools and machines. Besides, working on the air conditioning is potentially harmful due to the pressurized Freon gas used as refrigerant.

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