Commonly classified as the main component of the air conditioning system, the Dodge W150 A/C condenser fills in an important function. Constructed for Dodge W150, this A/C condenser is attached to the powerplant and powered by belt. Its major function is for compressing and transmitting refrigerant . Your automobile's air-conditioning system is split into two sides, the high pressure, and the low pressure.

The Dodge W150 A/C condensers should be checked when the heat range they provide is greater than standard temperatures. Like the radiator, the A/C condenser pushes itself to the limit to keep the refrigerant cool; that said, routine checkup is recommended in case you desire to prolong its lifespan. Malfunction of the A/C condenser forces the entire air conditioning system at an increased risk. It's the ideal choice if you get new Dodge W150 replacement A/C condensers because they surpass OE specifications.

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