The Dodge Stealth A/C condenser is typically referred as the central component in your vehicle's air cooling system. This A/C condenser, constructed for Dodge Stealth, is a belt-operated pump which is fastened to the motor. It is used for refrigerant compression and transfer. The A/C system is divided into the low pressure side and high pressure side.

The Dodge Stealth A/C condensers must be scrutinized any time the temp they supply is not within ideal temperatures. When the radiator of your automobile works doubly hard to keep the right temperature of the engine, the A/C condenser also works hard in order to maintain the regular refrigerant temperature. Failure of the A/C condenser places the entire car AC system in jeopardy. We advise that you use Dodge Stealth replacement A/C condensers because these are built with exactness; for air conditioning systems, this ought to be the industry standard.

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