The Dodge Polara A/C condenser is often classified as the central part in your car's air-con system. Constructed for Dodge Polara, this A/C condenser is attached to the powerplant and driven by belt. Compressing and moving refrigerant gas is its function. Your automobile's air-conditioning system is composed of two sides-- the high discharge, as well as the low pressure.

The Dodge Polara A/C condensers must be scrutinized once the heat range they supply is greater than standard temperatures. If the radiator of your vehicle pushes itself to the limit to keep the ideal engine temperature, the A/C condenser also pushes itself to the limit to help keep the refrigerant cool. When the A/C condenser malfunctions, it puts the entire A/C system at risk. We advise that you purchase Dodge Polara replacement A/C condensers as these are made with accuracy; for aircon systems, this should be the industry standard.

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