Due to your automobile's A/C, the cabin is efficiently cooled down with refreshing air distributed by the vents—sadly, a ruined Dodge Intrepid A/C condenser can adversely affect your convenience. The Dodge Intrepid A/C condenser can be faulty in case the vents no longer spread out more refreshing air no more. You will soon feel the hassle of dealing with a tatty A/C.

The A/C condenser of your Dodge Intrepid is similar to a radiator, as the part dissipates heat directly from the refrigerant, converting the hot gas into a high-pressure liquid. There must be good supply of air inside the hood, regardless if it's coming from the cooling system fan or the grille so that the Dodge Intrepid A/C condenser could effectively cool down the hot gas. The same as other car units, the A/C condenser is bound to break over time; the condenser's expected life span would be considerably reduced whenever it's exposed to harmful substances and extreme temperatures. Fix the ailing A/C of your Dodge Intrepid by using a high grade stock replacement that provides better shelf life.

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