Thanks to your motor vehicle's A/C, the interior is adequately cooled with colder air coming out of the vents—sorry to say, a busted Dodge Dart A/C condenser may take away your riding pleasure. The Dodge Dart A/C condenser may be defective in case the vents don't spread out colder air anymore. You may soon become aware of the discomfort of having a flawed air-conditioning unit.

The A/C condenser of your Dodge Dart is similar to a radiator, as the part disperses heat off the refrigerant, changing the hot gas into a much-cooler liquid. There must be good supply of air in the engine bay, be it coming from the engine cooling fan or the grille to Dodge Dart sure that the Dodge Dart A/C condenser can easily cool down the A/C refrigerant. The A/C condenser might go bust over time, most especially if it is plugged with dirt and has greater exposure to many other unwanted substances. Get a reliable OE replacement for the busted condenser to ensure that the new component will stay in good condition for a long time so that the A/C will function well.

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