The A/C condenser of your Dodge Colt is the heart of your motor vehicle's air-conditioner—when the vents do not circulate cooler air no more, odds are, the condenser is busted. The Dodge Colt A/C condenser operates much like the cooling system radiator, in a sense the condenser also drives away heat coming from the A/C refrigerant to circulate cool air throughout the cab. For this component to deliver great outcome, this banks on high airflow to help with the cooling method.

The cooling fluid soaks up excess heat inside the passenger compartment and after that goes in the A/C condenser of your Dodge Colt that disperses excess heat as well as transforms the gas into liquid substance right before proceeding into the A/C system expansive valve and streaming into the vehicle interior. After driving for tens of thousands of miles, the A/C condenser of your Dodge Colt, similar to other automobile parts, could break due to daily use and direct exposure to harsh properties. The A/C condenser of your Dodge Colt works double-time to keep the cab cozy—be sure to buy a tough OE replacement for your Dodge Colt whenever this component succumbs to deterioration.

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