Due to your car's A/C, the passenger compartment is efficiently cooled with colder air discharged from the vents—unfortunately, a damaged Dodge Caravan A/C condenser can take away your riding comfort. If the vents don't distribute chilled air in the passenger compartment, it's a very good indication that the Dodge Caravan A/C condenser is shot. Suddenly, the displeasure of being stuck with a malfunctioning A/C could be way too hard to dismiss.

In so many ways, the A/C condenser of your Dodge Caravan is similar to a radiator since this A/C component's job involves dissipating heat from the high-temperature gas that comes in contact with it. There should be sufficient supply of air under the hood, be it provided by the engine cooling fan or the grill to Dodge Caravan sure that the Dodge Caravan A/C condenser will easily cool down the refrigerant. Similar to other automobile units, the A/C condenser is likely to go bust over time; this part's service life will be significantly reduced in case it is subjected to harsh elements and extreme heat. Buy a high-quality replacement for the ruined condenser to ensure that the new part may stay in good condition longer so that the air-con will work with less trouble.

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