Driving during hot weather condition is indeed a cool experience if your Chrysler PT Cruise AC system is in its perfect condition. But even if after turning on the air conditioner to its full capacity you still experience the hotness of the weather, chances are there is something wrong with the said system. Basically, the air conditioning system is a part of a climate control system in the vehicle and in any other car that blows cool air, giving you comfort even during those summer months. This part can further be mounted on other vehicles if in case they did not come as standard equipment. But gone are those days, since almost all vehicles at present are equipped with the air conditioning system.

Basically, there are different types of air conditioning systems but they all work in essentially the same manner. The hot air goes into a refrigerant, moves its heat to the refrigerant which will then become a cold air and eventually goes into your vehicle thus giving you cool atmosphere. Primarily, the air conditioning system is made up of a variety of parts that work hand in hand to be able to serve its function. Among those parts are the A/C compressor, vents, A/C condenser, hoses and a controller. All of these subparts of the system have its own task to perform. But amongst these components, it is the A/C condenser and the A/C compressor the work the most important function.

Now, the Chrysler PT Cruiser A/C condenser is a long tube piece of equipment that goes back and forth throughout a group of cooling fins. This part is located in front of the radiator. It is situated in such position as to catch the forced air that is given by the fan and the vehicle's movement. The A/C condenser also radiates heat off the refrigerant that is given to it by the compressor. After doing this job, the condenser will then cool the refrigerant and change it into a liquid form. Frequently, a fan aids in cooling off the refrigerant.

This will explain you how the Chrysler PT Cruiser A/C condenser works in order to give you a cool and comfy ride even if the sun is giving off hot weather situations. With this, it would really be sensible to check this part regularly. If in case you are in need of replacements, you can always count on Parts Train. Our site is regarded as America's most trusted online auto parts dealer. So, why don't you visit us now?