When the outside temperature starts to rise, most of us look for the comfort that an air conditioning system can give. The air conditioning unit in your Chrysler vehicle is among the components that we usually use every time we drive but rarely pay much attention to. But wouldn't it better if we know and understand the elements making up this indispensable vehicle part? One of the A/C components that must keep working in your Chrysler air conditioning system is the condenser.

The job of your Chrysler A/C condenser is very much similar to the job of the radiator in the automobile's cooling system. The radiator is responsible for keeping the water that flows through the engine at a stable temperature. Likewise, the condenser keeps the refrigerant that passes through the A/C system cool. Its basic job is to release the heat gathered by the refrigerant from the air conditioning system, to the environment. Usually, the engine fan helps in cooling the said refrigerant. The dramatic temperature drop of the refrigerant transforms it from gas to liquid form, and the process is called condensation. This is where the A/C condenser gets its name.

To achieve proper heat exchange, there should be a continuous input of air into the car. This is achieved through the natural intake of air when the car is running and through the use of a cooling fan.Your Chrysler A/C condenser is typically installed towards the front of the vehicle, right in front of the radiator. This component is necessary for the proper ventilation of the car's interior particularly during summer. So whenever your Chrysler A/C condenser starts to malfunction, have it repaired immediately.

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