What a great relief it is too have an air conditioning system in your car, especially on an extremely warm day. On colder months, you may not realize how important it is but come summer, you would appreciate the high level of comfort it provides. Newer vehicles such as those from Chevrolet come with advanced air conditioning systems like dual and three-zone air conditioning with separate front and rear controls and air-filtration system that make your ride more comfortable and worry-free. Although having excellent powertrain, suspension and drivetrain components creates an excellent statement of your Chevrolet vehicle's performance, comfort features such as the AC make your Chevy car, truck, van or SUV, even more desirable.

It is important that you check your vehicle's AC system to ensure a hassle-free ride. One of the most important things to examine on your AC is the A/C condenser, which is often mistaken as the radiator because they look alike and perform almost similar function. The condenser is situated just in front of the radiator. In some vehicles, however, the condenser is located somewhere else for improved aerodynamic. The radiator cools off the coolant mixture, thus, dissipates heat produced by the engine while the AC condenser dissipates heat coming from the car's interior. The condenser must have good airflow in order to radiate heat. In rear wheel drive vehicles, air flow comes from the engine's cooling fan while in front wheel drives, from one or more cooling fans.

The hot air from the vehicle's interior is forced into a cold evaporator and is cooled off as it gives off heat to the refrigerant. While the cold air is sent back to the car's interior, the refrigerant, usually Freon gas, is compressed in the compressor and then sent to the condenser where it is cooled off through the cool air flow provided by the engine fan. At the condenser, the refrigerant transfers the heat absorbed from the car and is converted to high pressure liquid. As the refrigerant condenses into liquid, the heat is abstracted and released to the atmosphere. The high-pressure liquid goes through the expansion valve and to the evaporator where refrigerants again absorb large amount of heat from the warm cabin air.

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